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Making Classrooms Simple

"Your Students' Success Starts with You"

A Hybrid Course

Your Value as a Teacher

Teachers are vital to a student’s personal and academic success. However, many teachers are overworked, stressed out and struggle to stay on top of their work. The current education system requires teachers to meet unrealistic standards. This professional development hybrid course is designed to help teachers adopt a unique classroom management approach that allows them to meet standards, provide more individualized attention, and help students learn material up to 10 times faster.

A New Paradigm

We believe that an effective teacher is someone who sees the big picture, understands their students, and doesn’t try to force change upon them. Instead, they create change within themselves and thus, their environment. An effective teachers should help students feel more accountable for their education and more hopeful for their future. This is the most advanced, and radical approach that has been introduced in education in the last 25 years.


"The Teacher of the Future is one that does not worry about meeting standards, does not waste time doing administrative work, and most importantly, is able to love their students."

Dr. Dean T. Kashiwagi

Professor, Fulbright Scholar, IFMA Fellow, CIB Chair, ISM Academician

Hybrid Course Details

Time Commitment

  • Self-Paced
  • 8 Lessons
  • 20 Clock Hours
  • Up to 3 in-person Coaching Sessions
  • 90 Days to Complete



  • Cost: $300

What You Will Learn

  • Best practices to improve classroom management
  • How to minimize disciplinary issues
  • How to simplify curricula
  • Methods to improve student-teacher communication
  • Strategies to decrease personal stress

Logic & Leadership Curriculum

1. Develop Frameworks - Personal and Simple best practice models for an efficient classroom.

2. Understand your Surroundings - Assessing students, admins and other teachers with very little information.

3. Becoming a Leader - Communicating your value to directors, districts and boards.

4. Understand the Human Mind - 1-on-1 Coaching for how to help your students to think through life problems.

5. Simplify Complex Ideas -

Minimize instruction time and how to focus on students who want to learn.

6. Applied Leadership Today -

How to live a life that helps you be a high-performer in and out of the classroom.

Personalized Career-Advancing Education

at Your Fingertips

Real Life. Real Leadership.

Curriculum Creators

Dean T. Kashiwagi, PhD

Creator of the Best Value Approach

Professor for 25 year

Author of 300+ publications

Jacob S. Kashiwagi, PhD

Creator of the No-Influence Leadership Model

Supply Chain Consultant for 15 years

Mentored 100+ students over 10 years


What Do Our Past Participants Say [College Trial]

"Dr. Dean is a very intelligent professor. The model taught is great to apply to all areas of your life. This course was an absolute joy to take and I would recommend it to anyone."

May 2017

Honors Student

"One of the best classes I've ever had! If you are open minded, this class will change the way you see and understand the world. The professor is an amazing person, very helpful and clear. He makes things so simple for you. You will learn lessons for life."

October 2016

Graduate Student

"[Dr. Dean] Passionate about his subject area and sharing all his knowledge and expertise. Provides an insightful perspective and a wealth of information."

April 2015

Undergraduate Student

"This was by far one of my favorite classes I have taken. The course is designed to give you what you put into it. It was probably one of the most beneficial courses I have taken so far."

February 2015

Undergraduate Student

"Amazing. A different way of thinking. This is a stress free environment that helps you know yourself first and then become a proactive person. The sooner you take this course, the more successful you'll become."

November 2014

Graduate Student

"The principles that you learn in this class can be applied for the rest of your life. It is a life changing class that will truly expand your way of thinking and viewing the world around you. As Dr. Kashiwagi says, "You can know everything, without knowing anything." You won't regret this course!"

April 2014

Undergraduate Student

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the enrollment period?

There are no deadlines for this programs.

What does this hybrid course entail?

Unlike a traditional online course, all participants of L&L: Making Classrooms Simple will be guided through the course by our very capable Mentors.

Participants will also receive in-person training throughout the course, which may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Classroom visits
  2. Phone conferences
  3. Skype/video calls

The Leadership Society of Arizona is based out of Mesa, Arizona. We are open to creating a 100% in-person training for the surrounding greater Phoenix Valley. If this is something you would prefer, please contact us at Team@LeadAZ.org for more details.

How much time do I have to complete the course, once I start it?

The course will be open for 90 days from the time of purchase.

How do the Coaching Sessions work?

Every participant will receive 4 calls from the time they begin the course:

  1. Administration / Prep Call: An LSA Team Member will call you to answer any questions about the Class Portal, how lessons and worksheets work, and select the best LSA Mentor for the rest of the sessions. This is also when the tentative dates for the rest of the Sessions will be discussed.
  2. Introductory Session (1 hour, with LSA Coach).
  3. Coaching Session with LSA Coach to further understanding of class concepts, and create systems to implement in your own life.
  4. Follow-up Session to work on real-life implementation and ensure understanding of class concepts.

At the same time, Participants will have ample opportunities to receive feedback on their work being completed throughout the course.

Is there a way I can get a course sample, or are there any events where I can learn 1 or 2 ideas before committing to a program?

Yes! There's a few ways to go about this:

  1. Sign up for our Newsletter! Link >>
  2. LSA hosts many different events throughout the Phoenix Valley open to the public. Check out LeadAZ.org and sign up for our newsletter to be in the loop about upcoming events.
  3. Contact us anytime at Team@LeadAZ.org with any questions.
  4. Contact us at Team@LeadAZ.org to check out Lesson 1 of the course, free of conditions!